At Fairview Baptist Church, our vistion for the Children's Ministry is no different than that of the church.

"We exist to make disciples of Jesus Christ."

As such, our core values for our Children's Ministry simply model those that we set forth for all disciples of Jesus Christ at Fairview. We desire to be a church that exhibits Gospel Transformation, Loving Community, and Missional Living as described in Acts 2:41-47. This greatly impacts the way we approach our Children's Ministry efforts.

GOSPEL TRANSFORMATION: Because we are a church family that focuses on heart transformation and character growth by applying the gospel to all of life, we avoid heaping behavioral modification on the young souls in our care. Rather, we seek to put Christ and His gospel at the center of everything we do in Children's Ministry at Fairview.

LOVING COMMUNITY: Because we are a church family that loves one another in a way that reflects the power of the gospel, we hope to lovingly partner with parents in bringing up a generation of culture-shaping children, rather than children who are shaped by culture.

MISSIONAL LIVING: Because we are a church family that defines our lives by mission in all that we do both here and worldwide, we aspire to see a Children's Ministry that is Kingdom-expanding, and not simply ministry-building.

If you have any questions, please contact our Pastor for Family Discipleship, Joshua Johnston, at



On Sunday mornings, our kid’s Life Group classes (babies through 5th grade) use The Gospel Project curriculum. The Gospel Project is a Christ-centered Bible study that moves from Genesis to Revelation, showing our kids how the good news of the gospel is central to the entire Bible.




During the worship service, Kids Care provides a continued time of learning from babies through four years old. We encourage families to worship together in our services. The kids participate in singing, prayer, and giving with their families. 



In M&M (1st-5th grades) and Mini M&M’s (3-5 years old), children learn about the experience missions across the street and around the world. Children learn about missionaries and their families, the people groups that missionaries are reaching, and participate in hands-on mission activities. The children learn to use music to minister to the local church and community.


At Fairview, we believe that God designed the family as the primary place for discipleship. The FAITH PATH initiative exists to partner with you as you guide your child's faith journey one step at a time. Find out more at our Family Ministry page (coming soon).