Welcome to Fairview. This is what you'll see as you pull in the driveway. The main building is to your left. Follow the bright blue signs to visitor parking. 




When you pull in, if you look to right, you'll see our Annex. Most of our adult Life Groups are in the Annex. Our Students (Middle School and High-school groups) also meet in the Annex.


If you have infants through fifth grade children, their Life Groups are going to meet in the Main Building. 


All guests will be asked to fill out a Connect Card. Don't worry - we're not going to add you to any 'spam' mailing list or bother you. We just want to follow up with you and thank you for spending some of your valuable time with us.


We've got our connect card online so you can fill it out before you arrive. Click here.

For a complete list of Life Groups click here.



It  might be helpful to you if you turn to the left and enter through our Family Entrance. We do have guest parking available as well. In this picture you see one of the bright blue signs referenced above. You'll see plenty of people on campus as well.



Congratulations! You made it inside! In case we haven't told you already, we are really happy you're here! We know your time is valuable and we are grateful you chose to spend some of that time with us this morning. Here are links again to our online connect card. We'd love for you to fill it out before you arrive. If you have kids, we'll have their security labels ready and waiting for you.


This is one of our welcome entrances. Our greeters will make sure you get a connect card and we will help you get to where you need to go.


We've got our connect card online so you can fill it out before you arrive. Click here.



This is the Check-In Desk in our children's hallway. Your child's safety and security are important to us so if you haven't filled out the connect card yet, now is the time. You're welcome to fill out a physical, paper version when you get here. However, filling it out online will expedite the check-in process. We'll get all of your information entered into our system and have your security labels ready and waiting for you when you arrive.


Here's the link: online connect card.


Here's a small glimpse into our worship service. We live-stream all of our services on Facebook, if you want to get a closer look. Click the Facebook icon below to connect with us there. Our worship services last about an hour.

During the 10:30 AM service, babies through four year olds will be cared for in their designated classrooms on the children's hallway. You can pick them up after the service is over. Of course, your children are more than invited to stay with you through the whole service.

After service, stick around and meet our members and staff and get more information on upcoming events. You can also get more information on our next Starting Point Class.


Make plans to attend a Starting Point Class. You'll find out more about our history, vision, and  how you can get involved.

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If you haven't already, visit a Life Group. Life Groups are central to all we do around here at Fairview.

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Connect with one of our ministry team leaders.

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Get to know our staff.

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Send us an email.