The Ministry Training Center exists to make disciples

and send them out to serve the Church.



What is the Ministry Training Center?


The Ministry Training Center is a training program for men and women who are pursuing a call to local-church ministry. Residents receive personal mentorship, ministry experience, and theological training within the church setting. Also, MTC Residents are able to earn up to 36 credit hours toward eligible masters degrees at Southeastern Seminary.





Personal Mentorship


MTC Residents are disciples! Our ministry staff and church members pour into MTC Residents on a weekly basis.





Theological Integration

MTC Residents are students! We want residents to integrate their seminary learning into real-world church ministry.


Meaningful Experience


MTC Residents are disciple-makers! We want residents to lead and teach in a variety of ministry settings.



All Residents will become members of Fairview and are expected to participate in all aspects of church life. Residents will keep regular office hours on Wednesdays, but will also serve on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and at occasional events and leadership meetings. Residents may participate in the following activities each week:


  1. Discipleship groups with church members and other residents.

  2. Reading and round-table discussion of ministry-related texts with Fairview's pastors and staff.

  3. Theological and ministerial position papers on a variety of relevant topics.

  4. Weekly sermon planning with the pastors.

  5. Teaching and serving in a variety of ministry areas.

  6. Pastoral care visits and other pastoral duties such as weddings and funerals.


Residents will work 8-10 hours a week and will receive a modest stipend in order to help with seminary costs and travel expenses. We are also in the process of securing free housing for MTC Residents near our church so that they can better integrate into our church family.





Q: Is the MTC for men only?

A: No, we desire to train up and send out both men and women to serve the Church in a variety of different capacities


Q: What makes Fairview's MTC unique from other internships and training programs?

A:  The size of our program and the dynamic of our church! Our program only accepts 2-4 residents per year and we are a very typical church with only a handful of seminary students. 


Q: How does an MTC Resident pay for their SEBTS tuition?

A:  Students pay the standard tuition rate directly to SEBTS even though their practicums and interships are hosted by Fairview. EQUIP Classes hosted at Fairview do qualify as residential classes for the Charles B. Keesee Grant. 


Q: Are MTC Residents placed in just one area of ministry?

A: No, we believe that Residents should serve in a variety of church ministries in order to be more experienced and well-rounded.


Q: How long can a Resident stay in the MTC?

A: Residents are accepted for one year at a time and must reapply each year.