Our church members need good foundations to grow. Through the Equip Courses, we are offering a series of classes to church members so that they internalize their faith and connect it practically to everyday life.


Equip courses are a series of 12-week courses designed to train the church to make disciples of Jesus Christ. They cover several areas of practical theology. The format of each course is designed in such a way that course members not only receive instruction but also, consider the practical implication of the various topics and are equipped to apply their beliefs to each sphere of their lives.


- These courses start at the beginning of January, April, and August.


- You can register up at www.fairviewchurch.org/equip.


- You will receive an immediate email response confirming your registration.


- As your course approaches, you will be contacted by one of your course instructors, who will send you a syllabus for your course, which will outline the semester and any required reading.


GOD AND MONEY: Stewardship, Finances, and the Christian Life


This course is designed to equip participants with a biblical and practical understanding of stewardship and finances. The classes will be a mixture of lectures, discussions, and workshops. Each participant will also read a related book on their own and journal for personal development. The aim of this course is to develop a God-honoring view and interaction with money and resources.


Still have questions? You can reach out to to the church office at info@fairviewchurch.org.